Why it works



In our new world of global communication and coordination platforms such as Facebook, Wikipedia and Uber, we can for the first time collectively choose to build & use frameworks such as these to move us towards a powerful shared goal – making life beautiful, both individually and collectively. In this new & empowered reality, consider the enhanced relevance of the following proven wisdoms.

1.- People have always grouped together to drive human progress; now, however, our innate power to make change happen has been enhanced massively by our new abilities to coordinate and rearrange ourselves.

2.- We live in an age of near-unfettered access to information – but as an integral part of our search for change, we must as a matter of priority collaborate to filter out the immense noise that distracts and misleads us in our individual & collective search for better ways of being.

3.- Change is in our nature, and it is our far-superior ability as a species to coordinate ourselves and adapt to new realities that has made us the most dominant creature on earth. We have super sized our ability to coordinate ourselves; let’s use this new power judiciously to create the society (and the individual lives) that we want.

4.- Finally, let’s be inspired by the certainty that a simple yet incredibly-empowering goal is made more (not less) achievable, precisely by its very daring, ambition and hugeness.

Picture the above truths & wisdoms applied globally, orchestrated through technology designed to align & empower us personally and collectively, and underpinned by valid knowledge.

Picture us combining our core human strengths and shared values – a large group of motivated and committed people in pursuit of a daring and  beautiful goal.

[sc_textbox effects_enabled=”1″ content_background_color=”#f1f5f8″][sc_quote]Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.[/sc_quote]

Margaret Mead


Estukune works because it is a giant idea that covers phenomenal breadth of problems and challenges but is simplified by its focus on a single, simple ideal:
to make life beautiful – for us individually and collectively.

We need this right now!

We are living in a time where many of us hunger for meaning in our lives – the decline of organised religion contributing to that.
At a  simple and individual level, we add deep meaning to our own lives when we focus on enhancing life for others.
At a deeper level, involvement in a project designed to fundamentally reshape culture and behaviours over time is the most meaningful possible use of one’s life and time.

This depth of meaning puts Estukune in a unique place, where we can not only grow through receiving and consuming, but where we can also deeply benefit and enjoy contributing.

More than anything else – engagement in a community which is explicitly bold enough to not only wish that life should be beautiful but also sets out to make it so, liberates our own hopes and gives us courage and permission to live, think and act differently.  
Experiencing this freedom and permission provides a fresh sense of being alive, in a way that makes sense to us intuitively.

How does Estukune operate?

While approaching all of the interconnected challenges with a single solution, Estukune distributes the work of solving these problems across a vast number of people, based on their interests, abilities and skills.

It creates an environment where people can focus, contribute to and benefit from things based on their needs, abilities and interest.
Ultimately, Estukune works because to solve age old problems, it is using the technologies and the possibilities of collective intelligence, communication and of new ways of interacting, that humanity has just invented.

Estukune is a community and platform of it’s time – of our time.
It could never have happened before; yet now, it must happen.
It empowers people to do the best of great things together, at a time when we have no other positive choice anyhow but to redefine how we live together on our little planet.