What If … ?

What If It Could All Be Beautiful?

Do you want more out of life?
Do you want to be happier, more free, more fulfilled?
Do you seek better relationships, health, more fun, financial stability and job satisfaction?

Your own life seems stuck, society is too big, religious or political norms are holding you back?

Are you looking for more effective ways of making changes and leaving your mark on the world?  

What if …

What if you realised that you were not alone in your search for a happier, more meaningful life; what if there was an active community, making change happen for themselves and in our world; a community for transformation, connecting you with people who share your goals and passions. A community driven by knowledge and by mutual support; one that is inherently and only for good, with unlimited ambition in terms of how it will make a difference. 

What if instead of having to wade through reams of poor, inaccurate information, you could access a thoroughly curated and noise-free library of validated knowledge, tools and processes designed to help you live a happier life of joy, fun and contribution – while improving society, helping our struggling planet and building a better shared future.

What if the scale and complexity of all of this was conquered by subdividing the whole into many smaller pieces, with stewardship of each part being provided by committed change leaders across the many specialisations; each leader providing energy and ambassadorship and building a community of contributors, helpers and audiences within their respective fields and topics of expertise.

What if the teams that emerge around each topic were equipped to interact with all other teams using shared processes and guided by agreed values; forming a team of teams, delivering on a wide goal, with an active centralized support centre and operations platform; making sure we continually improve, learn and grow.

What if the entire ecosystem of people, knowledge, tools, processes and results would begin online but would be designed from the outset to also operate offline; to be usable by existing coaches and changemakers in every sphere as well as by community members and by the public; to help people achieve change individually, through mutual support, and as part of existing change-making practices and initiatives.

What if we realised that in order to effectively change the full, interconnected, complex systems that make up the world as we know it, we need to address learning and change-making in relation to individuals, society, organisations and technological change.

In organising, promoting and evolving such a uniquely conceived library of information and such a vibrant community of people aligned with the same vision, would that network of experts and the members of the associated communities not make an incredibly difference to society – and to themselves?

What if, for the first time in human history – because of the power of the web, social media and other collaboration technologies – all of this is not alone possible, but within our grasp?

What if … ?

We live in exponentially changing times, full of challenge and threat but also full of unique promise and hope. The world needs decisive, positive leadership – but this time, from the bottom up. People, society and our planet urgently need the results that flow from meeting these ‘what-if’ questions, head-on. For the first time in history, these questions can be answered in the affirmative – and that’s where we come in.

We share a vision of a better world, and we are building a community, a knowledge & tools library, a platform and systems to help make this real.

Estukune. Let’s make life beautiful.