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Connection, Growth and Mutual Support

Being involved in Estukune in *any* context – but particularly as contributors – must help people grow, and must leave them feeling more connected to their world and to others.

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Knowledge-Oriented, Ad-Free, Trustworthy

We determine, contextualise, package & share the very best information on each relevant topic; we check and credit our sources.  We cut out noise and we are an ad-free zone.

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Integrity & Congruence

We act & communicate with honesty and without exaggeration; we embody our values; we practice what we preach; we show as well as tell.

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Joy, Fun, Music, Colour, Beauty

“Joyfulness is now!”.  We can’t build amazing new lives & worlds without focusing first on the moment. This is heart work as well as head work; we must be the change.

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Powered by Reality-driven Positivity

While always remaining grounded in what is known, we focus on the positives; we eliminate negativity. We acknowledge risks & problems, but constantly research & promote the root causes of success.

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Flexibility & Humility

When we don’t know, we say so.  When we have been wrong, we change, welcoming the opportunity to be better. We know we will never be done – we are always a work in progress.

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Our Guiding Principles And Core Values

While our activities and outputs matter, the most important thing Estukune must do is to create and maintain a culture which will then guide us in everything we do.

The principles and values that we embrace in Estukune are our direct and consistent responses to the root causes of what we see wrong in our world. Everything else flows from these.
In this sense, Estukune is first and foremost a place where these values and principles are discussed, embedded, maintained;
we each embody these principles within Estukune, but we also live them and carry them into the world.

  • Connection, Growth and Mutual Support
  • Joyfulness Is Now
  • Knowledge-Oriented, Ad-Free, Trustworthy
  • Powered by Reality-Driven Positivity
  • Integrity and Congruence
  • Flexibility and Humility

Connection, Growth And Mutual Support

Estukune is YOUR community and platform for connection, for growth and for mutual support.

In a focused and targeted way, Estukune builds on the same concepts that underpin Wikipedia and Facebook, doing so in structured ways in order to collectively evolve ever-improving knowledge, tools, behaviours and ways of helping people make change happen.  

We are a community

At our core, we are a community. In that community, we find our shared power; from there we extend ourselves, our passions, our strengths, our enthusiasm into the world.
Community forms a mutual support system, a forum for change, a space within which we grow, learn, give, take, share.

Estukune is first and foremost a community of positive people, one that is united in its pursuit of a great goal.

We are a long term project

Estukune is a deep and long term project for growth, one that helps people live more satisfying lives while working to create a better world.

Think of this not just, how would you wish the world to be for yourself or your neighbors, also think what would you wish to build for your kids. You can choose making differences to the world and have people near you make differences to the world that make it a sweeter, better place.
Estukune helps you making that happen.

How do we start?

It all starts by making fundamental choices of choosing kindness and togetherness, by empowering ourselves as species, by forming cultural and social expectations of collaboration instead of competition; by building that supportive way of living instead of a competitive and negative way of living.

By actively participating in the creation of this community and platform, you engage in active learning .. an accelerated form of learning which gives you far deeper insights into the meaning of what is being learned, than less-involved forms of learning.
While building the resources and information that will help others, you are yourself changed; you deepen and grow.

Estukune is always there for you

It’s important to see Estukune as a place where you can also take
Ask for help!
Join groups who share your goals or who wish to make the changes you wish to make!

We will build tools which streamline these interactions, so that it becomes a place of goal achievement complete with the relevant knowledge, supports and communities to help you both choose and achieve those goals.

Finally, never underestimate the power of mind-to-mind spiral change.
Once you change, those changes ripple outwards to influence those around you.
As people around you make changes in turn, change ripples out faster and further.
By choosing to live better, more constructive, healthier, more sustainable and happier lives, we influence the people around us who in turn influence the people around them.

Joyfulness Is Now

Gandhi probably put it best when he said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

We as individuals are the people who make change in the world.

It is not up to somebody else, it is our world as well as everyone else’s world and it is up to us to make the change if we want to see change.

This is when you have to stop …

You can’t make a change in the world nor ask the world to be peaceful and sweet if you are not peaceful and sweet yourself.
You are more effective in making change if you are in a good place and have taken care of your own mindset and of who you are.
So instead of choosing to be miserable about live, instead of always wanting the things you don’t have, instead of thinking that everything will be better in the future … just STOP.

Always remember …

Stop, and remember that a beautiful future cannot be built by living in a poor present, and we cannot inspire others to choose better ways of living if we can’t do so ourselves.

We must remember our values; we must trust that we have time to do everything that needs to be done; we must trust that the sheer energy from the vast numbers of people who want amazing lives, means that any one of us need not carry an unfair load and we need not “suffer” to make wonderful change happen through Estukune; it should and will be a joy to be engaged with.

Because, in the most central way possible – this is not a project that will happen according to any gantt chart. It’s not a crusade which needs to be delivered in a given period of time. Faster is better, for sure – but never at the cost of integrity, of our personal joy and growth, of congruence with what we want to bring to the world.  

Live the present moment

Estukune believes that it is all about the present moment.
The present moment is where you gotta play, where changes take place, where you can make a difference and simply enjoy life.

Joyfulness is now – let’s live life that way.

Knowledge-Oriented, Ad-Free, Trustworthy

Estukune is a reaction to the fact that

  • there is so much poor information and misinformation of every sort online and offline relating to personal, social and organizational change
  • so much information is sold to us and is packaged and presented as being of immense value even when it is not
What information can you expect from Estukune?

We are knowledge oriented in that we seek out the very best information and make it available.
We seek to verify it, reference it and make it clear where our knowledge comes from.
We apply scientific principles to constantly improve and check the quality of the information that we share.
We are completely ad-free.
We trace the individual contributors and authors of each piece of information, make them apparent and show our degree of trust in each element of content.
We flag the content that is discussion or not verified differently to the content that we believe to be verified and of highest quality.

All and all, our objective is:
 to cut out the noise to make the very best information available to you,
 to make you know that what you read is trustworthy,
 to give you the opportunity to engage with information,
knowing that it is there for your benefit and not for ours.

Powered by Reality-Driven Positivity

Estukune is not ignoring the risks and problems that most certainly exist.
We need to acknowledge them, however in looking for the root causes and focusing on how to change, we can turn our reality around.

While pitching “positive thinking” as the panacea to all ills rightly gets a bad rap, the core premise is nevertheless true:
Believing a solution is possible and working towards it is how change starts.

Estukune is focused on positive change-making

Research into the true nature and sources of happiness and well-being suggest that they can be considered as having 5 building blocks, using the acronym “PERMA”.  

  • Positive emotions – feeling good
  • Engagement – being completely absorbed in activities
  • Relationships – being authentically connected to others
  • Meaning – purposeful existence
  • Achievement – a sense of accomplishment and success

The entire mismatch between the dominant values of society (money, fashion, fame, power) on the one hand, and the PERMA components of happiness on the other, suggests that society is simply not optimally organised if we are to optimise for happiness and well-being. And doing that may be the only rational goal.

Estukune does not accept that this state *needs* to be the way things are .. it’s just how things have wound up being.
Slowly but inexorably, together we will work to change that.

Integrity and Congruence

For Estukune not just what we do is important but also HOW we do it.

What principles does Estukune follow?

We must walk our own talk, we must be an example of how we believe people, communities or companies should act.
Everything we do must be open, honest and transparent.
Trust-ability is one of our most important attributes, including the following:

We have got to do what we say, we will do!
We have got to be what we believe the world should be!

Therefore it is important for us ourselves to know that we are what we want the world to become. It’s like the flip side of being the change: we’ve got to be the change, if we want to ripple that change into the world.
That is true on a personal level, but also when we are walking in a small group and even across the wider organization.

One of the interesting challenges with Estukune will be, working to shape it as an organization that is fit for the future. That really taps into the skills, abilities, knowledge and unique perspectives of all of the individuals working and contributing to Estukune.

Flexibility and Humility

We are fully aware of the following:

We will never have perfect information on everything that we cover.
We are applying the scientific principle to constantly improve, gather and share better information, better processes and better tools.
Everything must be open to challenge and everything may be less than perfect.
Regardless of how big we grow, we are still not everybody! We are in a community, in a society, but we are not a full society. We want to contribute but we also have to learn to participate and to not be arrogant within the society that we operate in.

How do we face that challenging reality?

We have got to be flexible to …
…  adapt those changing facts and lessons as we learn them.
…  to deal with different challenges, different scenarios, different types of people, different ways of learning … with whatever comes our way.