Estukune Manifesto

Daily we hear of people with different lifestyles, living lives blossoming with freedom and energy. People who are determined to follow a unique, a personal way. People with the courage to walk a road different to the one we believed we had to follow.

These are people who are going after their goals, who are living their dreams. People with an alternative/different/better life, whatever that means to them. People who care about happiness, wellbeing, self-expression, creativity; people who care about connectedness to others, about making a difference to others. People who know that being alive is special, who know that they are unique, and who know that their being more alive helps others to be more alive too.

Each day we see these people using what they are, what they have or what they can access, how they see things and what they know in order to find their joy. We see them looking for alternative, innovative, outstanding and creative methods to live their lives in their personal way.

These people are determined to change their actions and ways of being, their future, their environment; their communities, organisations and institutions; their society and their world. They have chosen to be active, to think for themselves, to be forces for change. They have chosen to be alive.


We have inherited a society, rules and ways-of-being that once made sense. We now live in a very-radically changing world, however, where knowledge, technology and possibilities are advancing day by day. The old rules are no longer optimal – in fact, they never were. There is room for everyone; and, we need everyone. Let’s allow and support each other to be more fully alive. We need to re-evolve to a new society and to new ways of being – individually and collectively. Let’s make room for ourselves to be ourselves, and let’s make room for everyone else to be themselves too. Let’s no longer label others as “them”, because they too are “us”.  There are millions of species on earth; let’s not keep on imagining divisions within ours.

More than anything, let’s recognise that right now is simply radically unlike any time in history. (How crazily exciting is that!!). Together, we know so much more; we are so much more connected; it is now so easy to reach each other and even to meet each other; we are incomparably more empowered and informed; we are discovering things that were undreamt of a few short years ago. We have many and huge challenges to solve, but we also have a brand-new human toolbox for solving them, together; and we have unlimited possibilities to re-imagine and re-create our societies and our lives, in fundamental ways. In a deeply new sense, each of us can be truly alive while we choose to act, be and think differently – both individually and together.

Look at it this way. Given our current pace of change – in just 50 years time, life will be unimaginably transformed. Today IS the time for designing what that society and life will look like. Let’s make it deeply and richly amazing.
That starts with me and you. It starts with us. It starts with how we think, how we prioritise and how we behave today. It starts with choosing to be truly alive, now.


We are building an empowered, informed community to impact society and lives through a mind-to-mind ripple effect. A community who engage with hearts, but also with minds. A community of strong individuals committed first to changing themselves, and then to supporting each other and to changing their society. A community where we learn and grow by helping others to learn and grow. A community driven by dreams, but empowered and directed by knowledge. A community of different people from different environments; a respect-filled conscious community of different races with different lifestyles, aims and goals. A space for every race, every religion, every age, every gender, no matter the social class. A place of innovation, growth and re-evolution built upon trustable and relevant information. A space without division – that’s our vision.

Picture a community where everyone fits in; where you would fit in. Think of a space you can trust; where people are free; where everyone gives and takes, according to their abilities, knowledge and needs. Imagine a place where your life is changed thanks to what others add; and where other lives in turn are immeasurably better because of what you bring. Wouldn’t that be a better place? Wouldn’t it be a happier space?

Welcome to EstuKune. Let’s Make Life Beautiful.