Areas Of Focus


Estukune subdivides into five areas or over-arching topics. Each addresses separate-but-overlapping aspects of personal & collective change.

These top-level areas further subdivide into 130+ focused & purposeful communities, initiatives, apps, websites, groups, tools …


the central hub & meeting place .. here you can explore our community, access resources, browse updates, customise your experience, add your voice and make a real difference.


.. reshaping society together to be better, kinder, warmer, safer .. more human, sustainable, supportive .. more beautiful .. bringing new norms, more connection and sweeter values to today’s new world.


addresses the ever-increasing technological change that’s radically transforming our society and lives .. we must understand & adapt to this, avoid the dangers but seize the *huge* opportunities that this change presents.


.. focuses on living better lives as individuals .. finding optimal balance, being free, growing, enjoying life, finding fulfillment & meaning, being healthy, happy and connected.


is about rethinking organisations and leadership to serve society’s and peoples’ widest needs – using everyone’s uniqueness, delivering on real purpose, being more responsible, resilient & responsive to change.


is a collection of initiatives, tools, communities, activities, energies, partnerships, platforms, applications, local groups, ways of working .. organised to extend, develop, share and practice the overall message of Estukune.